My Acne Story

My struggle with teenage acne is what first peaked my interest in becoming an esthetician. As a teen, I suffered from severe breakouts. Painful, cystic acne that never healed and never went away. It consumed me, and I wanted desperately to “fix” it.

Problem skin runs in my family. My grandmother had problem skin too. I vividly remember her complaints about her skin. She had a routine of putting on Noxzema as a mask when she was hanging out around the house. But I noticed that when she finally removed it, her skin would look even redder and more irritated. I wanted to find something different.

I also dove into the world of over-the-counter bandaids: I tried Stridex pads, Seabreeze, apricot scrub, nose strips, etc. Nothing ever seemed to work. I eventually went the route of long-term antibiotics, and I was prescribed a few rounds of Accutane. The immediate results of less oily skin and minimal breakouts were tempting, but it came with long lasting side effects. I knew there had to be a better way.

When I was in my late teens, I went to see an esthetician and had my eyebrows professionally waxed. While I was there, the esthetician told me about the benefits of professional skin care and results of facials. She educated me on how facials could help my struggle with acne. I decided right then to save up! I tried my first facial, and I was hooked. I knew that day that I wanted that to be MY job: to help others like me live a more vibrant life in their own skin.

Today, we know there are better ways to treat acne than some of the more damaging remedies. Being on a long term antibiotic isn’t good for our body. And extensive studies and research show the negative side-effects of Accutane.

Teens should have SO much more than only two mostly *bad* options to treat acne.

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